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"How I Went From ZERO to Over $288,000 Per Year Working as a Personal Trainer on a Gym Floor With This Simple 3-Step Method"

In this exclusive FREE training presented by Kris Cochrane, you will learn

  • A 3-step system to help you attract more leads, book more sales appointments and close more sales so you are fully booked. 
  • How to win your first highly paid clients TODAY!
  • The math on how to get to $100K… and how you can HALVE the time it takes to get there.

This is a NO-BS webinar. There is NO sales pitch and you will NOT have to get out your credit card.

WARNING: These strategies will help to fill your diary with high paying clients IMMEDIATELY and are not recommended for those who are unable to service high volumes of clients. 

Kris Cochrane // The 7-Figure Trainer


G'day, I'm Kris.

First up - Let me be very clear. THIS IS NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME and I am NOT a fake guru internet marketer trying to sell you some shitty overpriced product. 

I've been there, where you are right now. 

I started my fitness career in 2009 working for someone else, earning less than minimum wage and sleeping in the storeroom of the gym, eating tuna on toast 7 nights a week.

Over the next few years I learned some strategies and tactics that allowed me, a genuine tuna-eating battler, to grow my client base to 50+ sessions per week grossing $6,000+ each week.

In 2012 I started a business and over the next 5 years I employed 140 PTs who delivered 114,000 PT sessions to 3,000 clients. The business generated more than $8,000,000 (million) in sales in that time.

If I can achieve this, YOU ABSOLUTELY CAN TOO.

In this FREE video training you will learn the exact strategies that I used to go from being sleeping in a gym to building a 7-figure business in 4 years PLUS how to get your first highly paid clients and your own business scale to 6-figures.

"After 8-years of working 60-hour weeks I was still not progressing financially and was about to leave the industry.

That's when I met Kris, who helped me turn things around to where I was grossing over $5k per week within an Anytime Fitness gym.

I now have my own gym!" 


Josh Glass | Owner, The Performance Pit, Randwick 

"Working with Kris has given me the skills and knowledge to run a successful business that gives me passive income from my team member"


Marco Ianigro | Owner, Strength, Movement, Science, Sydney CBD

"Kris helped me open my first gym where I charge $200 per session, have staff working for me and am making over $10k per week"


Joe Pemberton | Owner, Sydney Strength Training

"After strategy session with Kris, within ten days I had sold 23 new clients for a projected $131,560 boost in yearly income."


Joey Bender | Owner, PT Bender Fitness, North Hobart

"With help from Kris I'm now making over $2,000 per week in only 20 hours of work"


Samira Earley | Owner, Find Your Strong PT, Sydney CBD

"I'm running a successful, fully booked PT business and couldn't have gotten here without Kris' help"


Morgan McChesney | Owner, More Than Muscle Fitness, Perth

"Three years of University didn't prepare me at all for running a business.

I couldn't have achieved what I have in such a short period without working with Kris."


Ben Fraser | Personal Trainer, Sydney CBD

"Working with Kris, I learned the skills and put the systems in place that I needed for my business to grow consistently each month"


Josh Ikac | Performance and Nutrition Experts, Perth

"Working with Kris has given me the tools, skills and the confidence to be an entrepreneur, run a successful business and live a life that aligns with my purpose."


Hannah Ivanova | Personal Trainer and Founder of The Sweat Project, Wellington NZ 

"Working with Kris has been the best decision I have made for my fitness career"


Bridgit Gallant | Personal Trainer, Project Love & Performance Pit, Randwick


"My PT business allows me to live very comfortably, and I wouldn't ever have been able to do it without Kris' education and support"


Peter Ball | Personal Trainer, Circular Quay, Sydney

"After working with Kris, I'm now charging $120 per 45min session, turning over $4,000 per week and have a Personal Trainer working for me!"


Michael Cleary | Sydney Bodies Personal Training, Sydney CBD 

"Kris taught me everything I know about how to run a PT business, and I am now fully booked and loving my work as a rental PT. What this has given me in my career, you just can't put a price on that"


Hannah Clarke | Personal Trainer, Circular Quay, Sydney

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